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The nature of life is to overwhelming to conceptualize so we all grab small parts of it to believe so we can think we know what we never can. To look behind the thought that thinks life removes the curtain in front of life. Meaning the subjective way we think life is the curtain that is in front of life, which is covering the objective experience of it.
By observing the curtain, so to say, that thinks life and the objective experience of life is the duality we live in. Seeing that helps to visualize the need we have to understand what we cannot. We can not understand why we need to understand. We can only see it and that is the “letting go” or “being”. “”What is” is outside the need to think it is. Thus seeing the subjective need to explain it is what affords us the objective opportunity to observe it as the one it is outside the individual that thinks it is. At times in our lives usually from intense fear some us have let go of the need to think and heard a voice speak in a whisper to us from a place within us that has no attachment to what we think. It is outside a thought so we hear it with a clarity of the no thought our fear created. That voice is unfettered by the mind and is the voice of our creation which we are.
The silence of no mind is the communication we have to the intelligence that is more then the mind could ever know. By letting go we are without the thought that needs and are one with the intelligence that creates everything we perceive. Words like “God” are misnomas as they mean something different to everyone. Using a word like “energy” affords one the opportunity to not limit the words meaning to a thought we think we know. As energy is a ambiguous term that at its best definition can be called protons, neurons and electrons.
Still these are just words that try to point to something we don’t know and never will but are consumed with a need too. As it is the making of our origin and who doesn’t wish to know who their parents are.
So if energy is our making and from our limited understanding through science we see it as subatomic particle with names, then this is the science that religion calls God. That can be seen as blasphemy from a religious stand point and alchemy from a scientific view but the unknown about either definition is symbolic of each. As Joseph Campbell states “all religions are true one way or the other metaphorically”. So both the science view of energy and the religious ideology of God our creator are metaphors that are true if you look behind the curtain that thinks them, you can see the relevance to both in the same way.
Quantum physics tells us these particles that create us are not even solid. They are a dance of energy constantly changing in both appearance and vibration as each is a reflection of the other and the dance or reflection of these particles that create us are a result of the thoughts our mind think. Thus we create a vibrational energy that is manifested by the thoughts we think. This energy has a pull or push towards or away from one another like the sides of a magnet. So as like minds think alike they attract one another and the same holds true for the anthesis of one another repelling each other. As Buddha says in the twin verses of the Dhammapada from the Suma Pitaka; “all we are is a result of what we have thought: we are founded in our thoughts. We are made up of our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with evil thought, pain follows him, as the wheel follows the foot of the Ox that draws the carriage. If a man speaks or acts with pure thought happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him “.
So as the “Butterfly Effect” translates to the minor perturbations that create or influence the large events we experience, such as the movement of a Butterfly wing creating a Hurricane on the other side of the world. So the same holds true to our thoughts effecting the outcomes of events we are not physically or geographically close too. Such can be observed in the relevance of prayer or mindfulness both on a individual level and a group level to situations beyond our perceived control. As prayer and meditation are the corner stones to any spiritual practice so are they the blueprints of a spiritual existence that looks to mindfulness as a awakening to a power the mind can not know. That dichotomy is the connection to that power we can only percieve but not understand.
“Be still and know I am God”, Psalms.