What is “Reality”? Is reality something to accept, challenge, overcome, be one with, have remorse over, react or respond too?

What if “Reality” isn’t. What if reality is a question. What if reality isn’t meant to be defined because in doing so the dynamic unending concept of it is made static in a thought that isn’t real. In doing so the dyimagenamic nature of what ever reality is, is met with resistance as reality continues to be what it is which is ongoing. So the nature of life defined by the thought that thinks it knows reality is not a consequence of what “I” thinks it is. It is the unanswered question of what it is which allows “what is ” to be without the mind needing to think it knows “what is” or reality.

In that space of not knowing but asking, the unknown is known only by being which cannot be a thought that thinks it knows. “What is” or reality is the action of being which is the question left unanswered by the mind only to be known to the reality it is. So maybe the closest  “I” ever gets in knowing reality is recognizing the edge of it.