. What I find comforting about this blog is that I am impersonal on it. The people that do read it, which are only a few, don’t know me for the most part.  I get the opportunity to speak in a somewhat public domain from a subjective/objective perspective without feeling reflective , for the most part, what the reader thinks.image

I haven’t written on here for sometime as I have found a forum or group I guess it is that allows me to express my awareness in duality of non-duality with people who can broach the topic from the perspective I speak it from and I don’t have to dumb myself to express myself as I did on my Face Book profile.

I see the light, so to say, getting brighter. It still feels the same as it has for sometime but the ability to express it is without effort.

I find a asymally to “Flowers For Algernon” or “The Dead Zone”. Both in awareness and a feeling of demise. Anyone reading my posts on FB in Thich Nhat Hahn witnesses something not normal.  If anything is comforting now it is to know I am not crazy.

I feel completely alive and eager to live a exciting life I do though have a impression that I will die from a heart attack soon or maybe in obscurity is a better word.

Some may say that its possible to wish your death but who’s to say you don’t see it and are actually expressing what you see.

I feel more comfortable in myself now then I ever have.