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imageIt is easy to accept God as the creator of our life when all is well. When walking through our dark days and sometimes years it can be tough to have faith God is using the struggle of our life to his making.
I find I attempt to fix it. To find the problem in my life and do what is necessary to rectify it. Thereby thinking I am doing Gods will. What if though I cannot fix it? What if life has a path for me that I cannot navigate to my liking?
How do I accept a “Gods” fate that denies myself the pleasure of life from a self percieved standpoint?
Walking through my own darkness has been a unbearable experience many times yet I have walked through it even if I walk into more of it.
I wrote this a few years back and it states my inner belief in what is Gods will and my thinking.

“Assume “I” is just a perception of thought and without thought “I” wouldn’t exist. Then what would exist if “I” didn’t? Everything would exist.
If there is a awareness of everything. It can only be perceived by something. If something is made aware to perceive everything by thought, then the thought isn’t anything other then the ability to perceive everything.
If thought takes credit for what it perceives then “I” separates itself from everything. That division or duality creates a false perception of reality. A reality based upon “I am” and “You are”.
If everything is happening as it is intended and “I” is perceiving everything but taking credit for what it thinks it is accomplishing, failing,achieving or overcoming, then “I” is observing “what is” and feeling good or bad for what “I” thinks it is doing. “I”, however is not doing anything. Everything is doing and “I” is just watching.