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Why would you kiss the world goodbye, Ciao Baby

You were born with the world at your feet, you didn’t have a care or some timeline to meet. You had your own life to make what you want, yet you never found anything to mean that much. Nothing to hold or a place in your heart someone could touch.

Life put nothing in your way. Your day was whatever lifestyle you chose to play. Their was no place or person you couldn’t wear. No one held you back or gave you a reason to care.

What was in your closet you did not want anyone to know, what hurt so bad you could  not show. The needs of the masses beckoning to your call. A hole in your heart and draft in your soul

Doctors degrees could not sooth your mind. No amount of money or fame could fill your need or give a light to see in the night. So you said goodbye and let the dream of a better life take you to a home you never known.

Why couldn’t you stay for awhile? Why did you not care about tomorrow? What hurts so bad that made you hide, why couldn’t you see the beauty inside? Why did you close the door, why did you care no more? What happened to you Edie,  why were you never here? What was it you couldn’t look at, What was your fear?

Ciao Baby