Myself and many others at times look to a certain expression of wisdom as our own and cast negative judgement on others that don’t reflect what we own. When we take a broader view though we can find certain universal doctrines in all if we allow our perspective to be open to follow another’s path. Whether it be treating a back ache with a surgeons knife or a chiropractors adjustment of our spine or getting to God by way of being a Baptist, a Catholic, a Buddhist or a Jew. It could be who we vote for and political party we endorse. Anything or way we define ourself as.

Their are differences between each avenue we use and its quite easy to close the door to logic with just one view. If however we look at the idea of another’s we can see positive and practical truths of both.  We may not believe in salvation as others do but if we look to the APPLICATION and not the word or the thought but instead follow them from their point of view we may find ways to better serve the things we do. It doesn’t mean we throw away our faith or give in to the opposite of what we believe. We see our own way outside of a box we have created that has left us stuck in what we think. If God created everything then his word is in everything, if we look for it and not shut the door on it by what we choose to think is real.

Whether it be “Faith without works is dead”or “Contempt prior to investigation”, both are easy to use to close the door and be content with what we know. Suffice “ignorance is bliss” if that’s what we choose.

The challenge of living life with a open door is not putting locks on our self with what we choose to know. By not giving ourself preference to our own will or not living in arrogance with the need to defend we then can hear God whisper in the wind. Not having those barriers in place sounds quite well. Living them though is established on a life of humility that doesn’t serve our ego to well.

We want to be right and validate our point of view. Granted some don’t feel that need as much as others  do. In America; however, that basic belief is cultivated on the TV,  papers and the news. We can not engage any of these outlets on a frequent basis and not be served to a purpose of thought that calls us to serve itself in what we do. We limit ourself to  a subscribed point of view and live in a shell of who ever wants to too.

I think the challenge to knowing God is understanding we never will. We always are on a journey to it and never quite there. As soon as we think we own it, we loose it. In a society that wants and values itself on what we own that often leaves the individual who is searching for it, looking like a fool.