imageSeeking presence and looking to attain a spiritual existence is a notable cause. Life however is of many flavors and enjoyments that are all part of a existence that looks to be appreciated for the qualities it has to offer.

How then do I get to use the intelligence of “what is” (God) to access the pleasures of life I wish to taste?

My desire to pursue the pleasures of “what is” is in line with a spiritual existence as appreciating “what is” is knowing God. So God can’t help but serve “I” which is a reflection of one as it is what it wants.

Knowing in confidence the reflection of one speaks to itself then “I” will receive what one looks to own as part of itself.

No other prerequisite is required to enjoy the fruits of a never ending garden. The desire is achieved in knowing the fruit is from itself and one is all their ever is.

All is one to one who is all.