image   I have a odd way; maybe, of putting intangibles into a tangible or maybe something that’s not normally clearly seen into something somewhat visual. I comprehend or find a pragmatic way to visualize something to better utilize it.
Many concepts I had of things I now incorporate into my life were classified or came across to me as being “Dumb” for lack of a better word. Somewhere along the line I realized if I wanted to see what I wasn’t seeing or know what I didn’t know, I needed to allow myself to get dumb or be dumb to get smarter or past the barrier of what was holding me back.
Im not sure if it is a humanitarian desire or a selfish urge to pass on what I perceive as incredibly enriching awareness.
Unfortunately, for myself, encouraging others to get dumb or accept something they perceive as dumb is not something “they” are eager to do. If I choose, I then have to be willing to be dumb from someone else’s perspective until they hurt enough from being smart that they are willing to be dumb to know what they don’t know.
I find some people don’t need to necessarily hurt to overcome a limitation of what they think. In general though it isn’t “mainstream” for people to be willing to engage some atypical approach to life unless the approach they are using is no longer working for them.
I find a phrase I coined a few years back applicable to many situations. “It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, as long you think you are alright you are, regardless of whether you are or are not.”