We can all look at the stars we admire and some maybe even despise and know no matter how famous or how much wealth they had, neither the money or the fame could repair their soul or heal the hurt.

Regrdless of what is so easy to see from a distance, up close in our life we still look to popularity and wealth as the divineing pole of distinction that gives us the seat to our worth. It is so easy to say we  don’t care what he or she thinks but deep down we do and we all want to be liked. That may help us to overcome, achieve or pay the note just as it can easily distract us in our search for meaning and pursuit of defining our self. What truly serves our happiness is misplaced for a star along the BLVD.  We want to own it for the vote of the public validating our life. Do we look good or fill the shoes of prosperity well. Who thinks this, that, believes in  so and so and votes on such and such as these are the watercrescents that engrave our mark.

We all have our handicaps and many of us hide them under our success. We want the world to see us for our achievements but we judge ourselves in how we hurt.

Deep down we can feel like a fraud at times and we don’t want anyone to see the complete picture. We defend the front side of our dark spots with anger, pride, jealousy and sharp judgement of others. Or we fall off the back side of our darkness with feelings of failure, remorse, guilt, shame, depression, pity, self hate or judgement of ourself. We can even come to a point were we don’t find meaning in much of our life

At our more sensitive times we all can relate to the feeling of inadequacy. It is why songs like the Kinks talking about all the fallen stars on Hollywood BLVD, self inflicted tragedies told by Shakespeare, childhood stories of Charlottes Web draw on the part of all of us that feels incomplete. The rat, the pig, the horse and so on all had their own strengths and weaknesses. Alone they were scared and threatened. United though; through Charlotte, they all came together in love and found strength  supporting each other.

The idea of being united in our weakness by a love that holds us as a group together and is more powerful then any singular strength might be the thing in common echoed in so many classics like Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz and The Last Supper to name a few. They all gathered around one light to find their strength. It seems that what ever story they all came together in their loss to find their strength. Together somehow they had realized that they already are what ever they thought they needed to be. By letting go of what they were holding onto they found what they needed, to be okay.