image   I saw it was her birthday on F.B. today. I was never a “Punk Rocker” so I didn’t know her from a music standpoint. It was her cult status, antiestablishment and raw shock value that I noticed of her in the 80’s. Wendy’s flare for explicit suggestion with a in your face assault flavored much of the music I did have a taste for back then.

Bands like Romeo Void, Missing Persons, Blondie and The B52’s to name just a few all had Wendy’s firepower in there arsenal. Her brazen unadulterated sound and attitude where hijacked in a inflection of lust, desire and fulfillment or a pounding rhythm of ecstasy that were often inspired or a mirror of Wendy.

Songs like “Sex” and “torture” from Berlin  lit the dark side of our desire and need without caring or wanting approval of what you or anyone else thinks! Something she had broke the rules on before anyone else. She did it before it was cool or admired

I read up on Wendy’s life and death today on line. Wendy comitted suicide in 1999. She was 48. She lived in Conneticut and from what a note she had written said she seemed to be no longer interested in life. She apparently from what her companion or husband (I’m not sure which he is) said she took a walk in the woods to a place she frequented and fed the animals in the wild one last time. After doing so, Wendy O took a revolver and shot herself dead in the head.

She stated in a letter how she did not condone suicide but felt it was the ultimate personal decision that no-one had a right to deny.

I’m not sure of her state of mind at the time. I’m also not sure who can define a appropriate state of mind. We all have supported, defended or been victimized by people or even ourself with unsavory state of minds. Be it Hitler, The Warren Commission, the religious zealots of Salemn, The KKK and the bullshit presumptions behind politics that allow peole to condone Wars and create hate to fill the pockets of the wealthy by  defining words like noble and a patriot.

So for Wendy to say she felt dissillusioned with life and no longer wanted to be a part of it anymore, her sanity is the call of who ever answers the question.

Their are so many things I don’t outwardly agree with from a frontal assault but when I take the time to let go of my perspective and see someone else’s; I do not necessarily agree with, I can see how and maybe why they think or feel a certain way I do not.

I may not have any idea how to get them to see my point of view but by not defending my point of view or meeting their resistance with resistance they only see themselves.

If I have a point of view to counter their point of view or a resistance or a negative to meet their negative then they judge my negativity or resistance and not thier own.

If I consciously choose to not be negative or create resistance then all their is, is what their is, which is what they are. To see what someone is; that they normally defend against someone else’s negativity, is quite unsettling for them as they are unaccustomed to witnessing the negative they are as they normally think over their own negativity by thinking about yours.

How often do we spend life defending the resistance we have to someone else’s as our agenda or purpose. We are lost in a fight of thought trying to gather more thought then the other persons.

Maybe we can help others see themselves in the mirror of us as we only let them see a reflection of themself as they address us.