image   The impossible is continually made possible every time the thing that can not be done is done. Then their is suddenly a reason why it is the way it is.  Their is a thought created to explain what couldn’t be explained and was not possible but somehow now it is.

As soon as the potential to exceed the limitation of the mind is perceived a thought is created to understand what can’t be understood.

Consider that the idea was past the ability to comprehend and now that “it is” the mind looks to it as it supposedly understands it.

The mind thinks over what it cannot know and in doing so covers the miracle of what is with what “I” thinks. The thought isn’t what is. The thought is after what is. What is, is the Miracle that thought can not know but pretends to.

The Miracle is for lack of a better definition something that can not be known. That would be clear evidence then that thought is not what manifested the miracle and the so called “understanding” is the brain reducing the infinity of what is to a to do list of what the brain can comprehend.

So the day to day miracles that exceed any understanding are bypassed in our daily dream of limited perception of what “I” think. Hence we limit ourselves from a life of  miracles to a understanding of what we know because “I” wants to understand and take credit for what is, which it is not.

Say no today to the thought that attempts to own the glory of what is and let go and be the miracle that surrounds us in every moment in countless ways

We are the limitless possibility  of anything and everything that ever will or could be. We are before we think we are. Be the miracles today of what “I” doesn’t think.