image  Is my definition of life merely a way to comprehend a perception of something that is impossible to understand do to the limitations of my brain?

Is their a calling to us or me from a higher presense that is demonstrated daily to me over and over and is it my salvation to discover it? Is my connection to that intelligence thwarted by what I think and strengthened by letting go? Do I have the option continually through the day to become more then what I think I am?

If life is striving to wake me up to itself and be what life is and not a thought of what I think it is, then I must look to life for my inspiration. The tool to my answer is outside the thought of what I think is the problem and that awareness is shown to me over and over if I look to it. What I do by releasing my attachment to what I think is wrong in life and look to the direction of life, is what allows me the opportunity to escape the prison of my thoughts that trap me in a illusion of fear.

I look away from what I think and face the awareness of what life is saying to me. I allow myself to walk with the light of what is today, and not the shadow of what I think.