image  Why do we overlook the obvious and trivialize it as some over the top, esoteric monologue that has no revalence to day to day life?

If the obvious hits to close to the center of our perception of reality then the willingness to bring down the walls that create the illusion of what we think is not something we choose to think

Telling someone that words don’t mean anything except the perception of what we individually choose to think is not a topic most will attempt to follow.

We even will be manipulated by a perception of thought to a word that we will allow ourselves and our children to die for.

The American Indian is mostly admired today. We look at their life style, connection to nature and their values as almost ultraistic. Yet 200 years ago we considered them heathens and “ungodly”. We wanted their land and defined words to create the emotion necessary to kill and wage war to acquire what we wanted.

Words like freedom and Terrorisim are thrown in our faces as having a meaning we dare not challenge or else face the ridicule and judgement of others as not valuing the correct or “Godly” virtue of our nation.

Why are murders, gangs, kidnappers and rebels in South America merely criminals who don’t get any mention in our societies tabloids and the underclass of the Middle East who live in desperation of a cast society with no hope of advancement and subject to the manipulation of our governments will on their ruling parties considered Terrorist when they act out in defense of their fate and the tyranny we help inspire.

We create our own definition to what we think, be it a war, political party, social unrest or even love. We either adapt a meaning that suits our goal. Or is prescribed to us, to be manipulated through our emotion derived by what we choose or are told to think.

Its impossible to live without allowing words or convictions to have a meaning to us. What is relevant is not knowing the meaning, defending it or sharing it. Realizing the word and its definition is only a perspective of what we choose to think and as circumstances change in our life so will the meaning of the words we have defined.

Letting go of what we think and observing how we think and the emotion created from what we think gives the ability to not be trapped in a cage we create from thought that controls our life. The cage we live in isnt real and letting ourself out of that cage is letting go of the thought that enables it. Fear is what we have to overcome to escape the cage of what we think.