imageHow do we find purpose in failure, insult and judgement?

Most of us react to those assertions with aversion. We can feel anger, betrayal, rejection, depression and so on. All of those emotions are subconscious. We have responded to life; be it another person, situation or conflict, with a emotion from a thought we perceived. Their was no analysis or discernment. Their was only a thought and a emotion. Both of them drawn from our subconscious.

We meet resistance with resistance and increase the resistance. We do not address life as it is. We are attempting to push away what life is telling us. We do not see what is being shown. Instead we react to what we feel and in doing so we repel what we perceive as negative and embrace what we perceive as good. With this formula we never analyze the good or the bad we only respond to the emotion of what we think. We push away the negative or the hurt. Either that or we try and bury the so called “bad” life is telling us with a perception of “good”. Be it alcohol, food, sex, money, drugs, success and so on. We over look what life is telling us and search for what we think which is the thing that allows a thought to create a emotion of pleasure.

Its easy to see how life can recreate itself over and over with out us ever realizing what life is trying to tell us. Another word for life might be God. Their is a Sanskrit word called “Samsara” which is taken from the earliest languages of India and it defines living life over and over in ignorance of a awareness of growth on a spiritual plain. Many cultures around the world look at our society (U.S.) as embodying that concept. As we are so driven for material reward we overlook a spiritual existence, in search of what we think we need instead of what life is showing us. The American Indians were known for saying that we (white man) always looked a little crazy. We supposedly; according to them,”always looked like we needed something”.

That idea might actually be a unwanted but accurate definition of capitalism. Something we tend to praise about our society. We are all in a rush to acquire, earn or receive something. We are looking for what is coming next and no-one is rarely here in the now. Warren Buffet once said to a interviewer who was making a big deal out of his tremendous wealth, “I am a frumpy man in a suit. With or without my money I am still a frumpy man in a suit. Granted my suit may cost more then others but the man is still the same”. Not many capitalist in this country share his vision. Many want or envy his wealth but his indifference to its value on himself as man is not shared in general by our society. We actually look at mans value more often then not in a  completely opposite perspective. Success in America is most often defined as who has the bigger Piggy Bank. The quote I used of Warren Buffet may not be verbatim as I heard him say that in a interview a few years ago but its meaning was identical in what the words meant and his demeanor conveyed.

That may all sound “dandy” but what am I suppose to do about it you might say reading this. Its easy to point out the problems in life which many people seem to enjoy doing.  Instead of offering solutions they only know how to replace one problem with another.

What if we saw a insult or a flaw in ourself not as a reason to be angry or feel like a failure. What if we looked at the expression of what is happening in our life as a awakening. We finally wake up to something we never realized. Something we had been asleep to and now can see. We can be thankful to know what we didn’t know and be what we want to be and not be stuck in the cage of we think we are. We can say thank you to the insult. Instead of feeling bad about self awareness that shows something we don’t like, we can embrace what we don’t like. By embracing it we can change it. Our bad or negative becomes the positive of what life is attempting to show us. We can thank life or God for awakening us from the dream of our thought.