image   How do you let go of something in order to have it?

The expectation of knowing God is to assume a knowledge  of God that rewards your devotion to understanding a thought with a gift of what you want.

The want is based on a apprehension of fear. If God is everything then both the good and the bad are aspects of God.

My or your perception of good and bad dictate our behavior. Our natural tendency is to expect God to give us good. So when bad confronts us and I or you ask God for his will to be done. We need to accept  the good and the Bad as the tool of God. So as we embrace the bad we let go of our knowing the good of God to accept the bad of God and have faith in the bad bringing the good. So as we walk through the dark times of our life, it is letting go of the understanding of God, that is what allows us to have faith in the belief of God.