This book; along with my previous  book ” How To Live Fearless” is built on the same premise of one chapter a day for 7 days. Each chapter has helpful tools at the end to employ throughout the day to help you comprehend the goal of the reading.     This book is direct and to the point. I do try my best to give background, substance and insight in each chapter to provide motivation to follow the suggestions at the end of the chapter.

I see success demonstrated in many ways as a product of consistency rather then intensity. The more often I train at something is more important then the length or the intensity I do it.

As a competitive Body Builder I had much better results training once or twice a day for 30 to 45 minutes 4 to 5 times a week. Then I did training 2 to 3 hours, 7 days a week. I also noticed the same in people newly oriented to the gym trying to get in shape. The ones who spent a long time working out appeared to never frequently make it to the gym each day and when they did they had so much commotion about them with no results and they usually faded away. Opposed  to the people I noticed who made it a simple easy process that didn’t take long. They seemed to enjoy themselves as they got noticeable results.

I do not clutter the book with a overwhelming amount of facts or homework. I strive to outline a process that isn’t time restricting or ambiguous in that you feel overwhelmed with data and don’t see a clear process of using it all effectively. Nothing I write about is original. My presentation of what I convey may be somewhat unique but the topics aren’t. Everyone finds their own way to express them self. Some are better at it then others and some have a larger knowledge base to draw on. That along with practicality and the ability to relate to people are key notes to success.

I personally believe Jesus Christ was the best self help instructor and he was able to draw on a knowledge base, practicality and relate to people on their level that no one has been able to copy.

I am no expert on Jesus Christ or The Bible. I don’t believe you need to have a belief in either of those in order to benifit  from this book or any other book or philosopher from contemporary so called “experts” to people like MLK, Gandhi, Socrates, Plato or even The Sages who created the first religious documented teachings.

Their is no finish line to improving ourselves. Never a moment when we can say we have it all. I believe recognizing that and taking it to heart takes a tremendous load off our backs. Instead of seeing failure or regret in looking at our shortcomings we instead can see ourselves as one of many climbing the mountain of life.