imageChapter 7, unedited; from my new book “Be Okay”

Chapter 7

Waking Up

We all have a completely unique past that has created our today. If  we choose it, our goal is to realize what we are doing today that will create our tomorrow.

Habits, perceptions of ourself & others and the way we see the world around us is defined by our past. We normally don’t give much consideration to how we act or feel. We take that thought or feeling to be real and not see it is computed through a equal sign of our self image that manifests our feelings of self confidence, ineptness, inferiority, accomplishment, failure….

We see life as good or bad dependent upon our experiences of our past. Children learn at a early age a basic understanding or recognition to the world they perceive and everything they learn after that stage is correlated to that simple basic fundamental comprehension. If a “sippy cup” is what a child learns to drink from, then anything the child is exposed to after that to drink from, be it a plastic cup, mug or glass is understood from the child’s original compression of a “sippy cup”. The creation of emotions and responses to life are in tune to that same process. Our perception of today then is created from the child of our past.

If we wish to have a different tomorrow, we need not resurrect our childhood and attempt to rediscover all the hurts, haves and have nots of it. Instead we need to be cognizant of what we do, say, think or feel today. Reflecting then on today and becoming aware of our behavior to life is what is necessary to change our life.

It is not “bad” to see how we judge, condemn or retaliate to life. As it is not “good” to see how we like, have affection, approval or attract people in or to our life. It is more important to see the consequence of what our feelings of good and bad create in our life.

Being honest with ourself, gives us a opportunity to see how our perception of good can create disharmony in our life and the bad might actually offer us the ability to grow and overcome obstacles from our past that thwart our tomorrow. How often do we see someone acting self righteous , arrogant and rude while believing they at doing good. The same holds true as we watch someone we care about walking into a disaster thinking they are on a sunset cruise.

No self help book is going to fix anyone’s problems. Only the person who has the perceived problem can fix it. So it is up to the reader to discover in the book what they need to help themselves. Helping ourself may be the path to helping others help them self in what ever way we do that. Be it a mechanic, doctor, plumber, carpenter what have you.

We need to know what the problem is we need to fix and call the appropriate person to fix it. Being aware of what we need to fix in regards to ourself may not be as easy as fixing a leaking faucet. We may never completely “fix” ourselves and that may be the ultimate paradox of life. Realizing that can allow the phrase life is a journey and not a destination to hit home.   In accepting our self along the path of the journey, may be we may be so fortunate to be okay and even if we are not okay. We can still Be Okay.