image  Am I looking at success?

Am I looking at opportunity?

Am I looking at failure?

Am I looking at fear, worry, what if…?

Fear breeds fear

Opportunity creates opportunity

What am I failing at today?

What am I succeeding at today?

What ever I choose, either is correct

I decide and create my success and my failure

I am what I think I am

My past conditioning has created what I am

“I” can let go and when “I” falls off, what is, is left

“What is”, is

What I thought isn’t who I am

If “I” is successful, prosperous, wordly and gifted with confidence

Then letting go of “I” doesn’t make sense

Success in life doesn’t necessarily translate to a spiritual one

we all have to let go of “I” in the end

so the failure in life that can lead to letting go of my attachment to “I” may be a success. And Success in life may be a obstacle to letting go of “I” and keep us trapped in fear and a false perception of failure

“I” exists as a thought in my mind and as my body dies so does the thought of “I”

what’s left is “what is”

to not see “what is” is to be llost in a dream of thought of “I”

when pride or fear control our mind in thoughts of gain and loss, “what is” is lost to what “I” thinks

so in recognizing what I have or dont have isn’t real. “I” can let go and Be.

Then I may be so fortunate to have without attachment and a fear of losing what I think