America is all about presentation. The message isn’t as important to people as the manner it is delivered. As a nation we tend to keep our lives carefully orchestrated to a format so that we hide our true self and project one of popular appeal.

We hide the guilt and the shame of our past in a closet. We want to close the door on our past that conflicts with the image we wish to project. Anyone or experience then that we encounter that recalls that hidden guilt or shame leads us to either feel those emotions again or by “Judging” the person with contempt or intolerance, we feel superior, and hide our own guilt and shame. We then can keep our closet door shut.

Its not very difficult to witness this in others behavior by merely objectively observing how people interact with one another. Especially in stressful work environments. Most adults behavior is directly correlated to the tools they were taught or witnessed as a child. Hence most adults are acting like children and pretending to be “Grown Up”.

Trying to relearn conditioned responses to life’s situations as a adult by getting rid of patterns of behavior that conflict with ones inner peace or serenity is something most people utilize a pastor, clinician or even medication for. Although we tend to address topics in our society about this nature in magazines or certain TV programs we don’t address it on a fundamental level.

We find a way to use success, popularity, politics and even capitalism to judge, praise, condemn and profit from what’s in our closet.

We don’t see with clarity the negative consequences of our behavior that reinforces and pad locks the closet that holds our fear. As universal  commercialism, prosperity, a perception of well being and morality are the tools we use to free us from the same thing that is enslaving us.

We point the finger at the person or people we don’t feel support our agenda or message and we don’t realize its not the person or even the agenda that is the problem of societies unrest. Its the emotion we choose to use to point the finger that is the problem in our society.

Conflict of beliefs, traditions, social agenda etc.. is all part of society in general. The cohesion of society is brought about by the application used in addressing the opposing beliefs, morals and agendas in a purpoeful way.     ImageSocieties evolution is contingent on that otherwise we would be stagnant and unable to achieve and/or become a more peaceful and harmonious family driven towards unity and acceptance.

America may not be strictly driven by a child like emotion of selfishness but our society is clearly embracing the fundamental principles more and more that give such a emotion an acceptable home in our lives.