ImageI wanted the ability to be or convey a personal side of myself that was maybe to personal for FB yet not to personal that I wanted it hidden in a diary.

   Something about being willing and vulnerable to show yourself in your perceived weakness as well as your strength has a wonderful way of enabling you to see the perspective in another perspective  (at least for me it does). It doesn’t necessarily make either perspective right or wrong. It gives me the ability to see things as I may not see them. That in turn can help me draw on my weakness for strength and my strength I can see in a different light that can allow me the opportunity to grow or redirect either in another way besides enforcing or insulting my ego.

  I find whatever humility is, it has a way of becoming visible to me in the cracks that  appear in my strengths and weaknesses under the light of objective examination.

    A stumbling block for me sometimes of being vulnerable and maybe visible; in a way, that I don’t necessarily wish to be, is I can want a sense of validation or a feeling of belonging which is counter productive to the purpose of me choosing to be vulnerable.

    Validation and security, so to say, are the walls I build that keeps me trapped in the box I am trying to get out of. So being aware can be daunting at times.

   Choosing a medium that can give me exposure to a audience other then myself to serve my perspective with out a compromise of feeling judged or accepted is why I look at this blog for that venue.

   The audience, is self invited. granted it at times is connected to other social medias; most, who follow it here know it is more personal then the one they left to read it at.

   When I write, I attempt to observe how I am understood as well as what I am wanting to be understood. the two can be unexpectedly  in contrast to one another. I spend time as I write carefully choosing adjectives and pronouns to attempt to give what I am seeking to convey both a universal and personal identity at different times. Which my goal is to show I am neither the authority on what I’m saying or ignorant. I am looking at both, as often that is the meaning of what I am saying. Feeling it or maybe observing it while reading it can make it come across somewhat three dimensional in a way.

   I am attracted to authors that recognize they are on the same journey they wish to convey. So by pointing to their failure and success about the topic they address; helps the reader; I believe, comprehend the subject easier.

   I know some authors write with the notion they are a “expert” on the topic they address but I believe under cross examination they might concede that they are simply putting a mass of personal data in a format that they can understand better and in seeing it clearly so are others. In helping them self they in turn help someone else.