image Most if not all of us look for inspiration in our lives. We read, listen and observe countless aspects of personal testimony of how to manifest a reality from a perceived reality or a spiritual one.
It is important then to have the ability to find a connection in us to a spiritual side that we can look to that will enable us to obtain the things we desire to live, have or own that we believe will give us the ingredients we need to live life on a spiritual journey.
The generalized concept of man serving man to better man may be utopian sounding to some but I think it is demonstrated in many different ways that the majority of people look to that as their higher ideal. That their life’s work, actions and attitudes will benefit others. And in benefiting others they may earn a living and live a harmonious life in comfort and purpose as they support, direct or help others do the same.
So the strive to find a connection between the manifested life we live and the spiritual realm we look to in life is paramount to many. That search to find a connection between the two can seem beautiful, tranquil, harmonious, overwhelming, exhausting,frustrating and fearful to name a few at different times of our lives.
Numerous literature is written on bridging that gap between our physical and spiritual life. Many philosophies and religions are the focus point of that goal. So the opportunities to research and address that is beyond count. Many claim a certain document or religion to be the so called supreme commandment of that goal.
Many people, though, write individually outside the context of a religion or philosophy to give people universal tools that can help provide insight into their religion or philosophy without conflicting with their beliefs.
My goal is to talk about a specific topic on the subject of this connection or gap between perceived reality and a spiritual realm. The following is part of one of the concepts I have uncovered in my studies, practices and pursuit of this goal.
I do not believe their is any beginning or end to such work. No start or finish line to pass that can identify a beginning or a end. Speaking about it though I use terms that insinuate a certain level of accomplishment which can only be done using a scale to judge it or measure it. Any scale or measurement has a beginning and a end so realize when I do this it is merely for a practical word of comprehension and not definition.
I am not defining God, spirit or even a realm of existence. I am using words as fingers to point to things or point in a direction.
Deepak Choprah uses the words virtual domain to identify the spirit or God, quantum domain to identify mind and physical domain to identify the body or physical world in a book of his. I am not saying what he means or he doesn’t mean using them. I’m simply using them to help myself explain what I mean.
The topic I talk about is from my own understanding through many sources and experiences. As I think all literature is and nothing can be plagerized. Things can be quoted but even then the context they are used in and the purpose they serve is almost always not the same.
As a author understands something and passes that knowledge back into information, it is the authors unique beliefs, actions and experiences that are used to understand. Thus what is understood is unique as what is passed on is also.
I had and still do to a degree a conceptual misunderstanding or maybe even no understanding at one time of the difference between mind and brain. What I thought was in essence what I assumed “mind” was. So as “I think, as I am” was pretty much my philosophy on anything.
Some may follow this easier then others. I make a suggestion as you read this, let go of any perceived notion or idea you have as you read what I am saying. Look to see the direction the words themselves point too. As any word alone or together cannot define what I am trying to convey. They can only point to it.

Using the term spiritual existence might be a way of identify a universal axiom most all people look to in life, that doesn’t exclude anyone from or because of a specific religion, belief or lack of. Having a connection between ourselves (physical Body) and the spirit, intelligence or God then is essential.
Mind or quantum domain is that connection. The physical domain communicates to the quantum domain and that is what will give me or you the ability to have strength or knowledge of or from a virtual domain (God).
I’m not writing about how to gain access to the quantum domain. What I’m writing about is how to access the knowledge and wisdom or the fruit;so to say, of the virtual domain, in the quantum domain to serve a purpose in the physical domain.
Many people say to themselves and others “I can’t do this, I know its bad for me but I like this, I’m unable to stop or start something, this doesn’t make sense”. As you or I say this or that, so it is. So in order for it to not, you or I must stop the action of saying and believing it is. Simply recognizing this behavior is the first step in overcoming it and becoming what you or I have been unable to be.
The quantum domain is the place that communicates to the virtual domain. I or the physical domain then access, use and receive from the virtual domain via the quantum domain.
The quantum domain then is where I need to understand and use the language necessary to communicate with it (virtual domain).
In the quantum domain of mind communication is directly received by the virtual domain. If my thoughts are conflicting or counter productive into the quantum domain then the results I receive from the virtual domain will be the same in the physical domain or my life. I will continually receive a positive with a negative, a up with a down, a coming together with a coming apart.
In the quantum domain then; to speak or pray with purposeful intent, you or I must ask without needing and have without wanting. In essence we receive as we ask. We become as we desire, as we think so we are. The place of quantum domain is with peace. It is like a river. The river can only flow one direction and accomplishes itself as it is. The river is its own destiny. It doesn’t look back. The flow of the river is the quantum domain. The river is the physical domain. The flow of the river and the river is as it is.
So if the quantum domain has, if the quantum domain owns, if the quantum domains purpose is to serve that of the physical domain, so the virtual domain does as the quantum domain communicates to the virtual domain, thus the physical domain becomes or is.
The more talented you or I become in communicating to the virtual domain through the quantum domain so we are able to manifest our lives in the physical domain.
How often do we hear the words or supposition that we control our lives, we manifest our destiny, that we create our today and tomorrow. How often is that thrown on deaf ears that leave us contingent to the life we have without a clue how to change it or even how we got here. We all want to take credit for our accomplishments but we wrestle day in and day out, month to month and year to year with our failures and even our mediocrity.
It is quite simple to have a want or a need. To feel the urge for something. To look at a direction.
How to navigate that course, how to find a compass to set a direction, how to locate a map that shows a path is this journey you are reading now.
What it is, is to whom it is, as it is.