To come to terms with the aspect of thought dictated by mind of I, is walking away from it and letting it be.
If mind of I is guarded, betrayed and defended then walking away from I isn’t a simple task. The theorized loss of I that is betrayed, defended and guarded is the draw to itself it has to overcome in order to let go.
So how does a betrayed, defended and guarded thought release itself from it’s own making?
The loss or harm to I is only a thought. It’s not real know matter how cataclysmic the event was that produced the thought. The need to protect or guard though is in proportion to the event that I witnessed. So I has to be okay; now, with the event that caused the feeling of loss, harm or consequence.
So does that mean that a therapy to fix a imaginable perception of thought is needed to overcome mind and let go?
The question isn’t whether therapy of I is needed. The answer is the ability of presence to overcome the illusion that covers itself from a reflection of observation. So therapy is not what overcomes the maladjustment of I in inventing itself. Awareness is born from itself and I takes credit for it in the form of healing which undoes the thread that entangles it but creates a imaginary answer to no question. So I can allow itself to be healed by thinking it fixes itself. Which “I” cannot do. As “I” is just a reflection in the glass but does not know the glass only believes it is the image and unaware it is a reflection of nothing.image