imageI have comforted others many times when they are in pain. I have always attempted to help them not push their pain away or try to cover it up with fluff of life. Instead walk into the pain and see what it is covering up.

As, the pain isn’t real. It is a illusion of thought holding us back from knowing what we do not know.

Their is something in the pain, that life is using to show us what we are not seeing.

The pain is pointing to the hole in us that we do not see. We are walking around ignorant of what we do not know thinking we do know.

I could always see the pain in their eyes; feeling loss and failure, thinking about walking into the fear but also a nod of recognition that deep down they know what I am telling them is true.

I tell them; I know it is tough and scary because I too, have to follow the same path. I know, if I do not look for what I do not know and try to hide from the pain, I will stay lost in what I think I know.

I have to face my fears at losing what I think I want, just as you. So the “I” in me can feel the “I” in you.