I was doing what I call meditation and if I was utterly honest I am not sure what meditation is; or what I’m doing, when doing it. Maybe saying duality looking at non-duality would come close in my own Tommy dictionary.

So one day a few years back I was doing the meditation thing and I asked myself after spending years attempting to understand the meaning of “being” or “nothing”, the place that everything is and nothing else matters.

The place that you cant understand of which I am trying to understand and knowing to understand nothing would make it something which nothing could ever be.

Attempting to understand or know presence or “Now” would put it in time as a aspect of thought, making it the past or the future. Which it is not and could never be. So, since I can see the meaningless of my endeavour, I ask myself.

“How do I become to be, when all my pursuits at knowing “being”, only make me aware of not being?