imageHow do I break the cycle of past conditioning that keeps me trapped in a life of repitition?

The patterns of thought that automatically arise from circumstances, events and people in my life are created from engrams. These recorded responses are formed early in my life and are repeated continually subconsciously throughout it.

These thoughts guide my decisions by feelings of good and bad, right and wrong, happy and sad.

That compass of direction begins where it ends. The traits displayed in social circles are repeated over again and again in different ways because of this.

Thus success or failure at work, play, relationships or what have you are controlled by subconscious choices.

The ability to rewrite this engraved circle of behavior is done by challenging thought using not what “I” thinks.

The day in and day out cycle of old behaviors born today of yesterday are broken by consciously becoming aware of the fear that has directed the choice that is covering this moment.