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My resentment is a thought. I project at someone that inspires contempt. I keep the emotion of contempt alive by thinking the thought that creates it.

I continually reinvent the emotion as I think about the resentment. So looking at the thought that creates the resentment is what allows it to live.

That thought leaves me a victim to the emotion.

Their is no thought unless I think it. By having the self discipline to not think the thought that creates the emotion I consciously free myself of the trigger that inspires the resentment.image

That action is what affords me true forgiveness without judgement.

To judge someone as less than, inferior or immoral is not to forgive but rather think myself more worthy or better then them.

The whole construct of this supposed forgiveness is built on a foundation of resentment; so I walk with anger in forgiving, which is a lie to myself.

I do not hold forgiveness in my heart with judgement. Instead I walk with anger in my mind that I attempt to control.

To forgive is to let go of the thought that creates the emotion that allows the resentment.