Born of moisture, high in the sky
I soared over continents
on the breath of a haze
As stars twinkled and night began to fade
I have seen breathtaking horizons as I fall
Only to soar higher on the sigh of a sleeping volcanos wall
I’ve danced on mountain peaks as wisps of air made steps for a staircase and a slide
For me to climb, fall and glide
I stood with eagles on the lip of a draft as they guarded their claim
I’ve flown over valleys as wolves howled declaring their domain
I have been so fortunate to be a flake of snow
Watching life come and go
As I see the flake; I thought was me, begin to melt
I know something I have only felt
The beautiful snowflake isn’t who I am or something I can show
It’s a reflection of life being what I could never know