Sunday over Easy

Each Sunday I do a short talk on the topic of Brain Entrainment. Different techniques and the anatomy and physiology that goes into a lot of the processes we are often not aware of. I hope you join me this Sunday and find some useful information you can use in your own journey. I’ll post a link on Sunday


Awareness is proverbial and dynamic as it has a depth and circumference to it that is unlimited. Trying to conceptualize a functional depth to our awareness is often paramount to recognizing the lengths we wish to “go” in order to liberate ourselves to a deeper appreciation of ourself.
So whether we are simply trying to figure out how to have a functional relationship with someone we care about, discover the root of our emotions and how they manipulate our behavior or appreciating how our thinking is effecting our ability to survive. There’s always a deeper essence to whatever aspect of awareness we currently have.
In embracing that proverbial aspect of awareness then it can be important to recognize and have a fundamental understanding of our brains ability to both diminish and enhance our “awareness”.
Much of the brains infrastructure that regulates our awareness is derived from specific anatomy within it. Becoming aware of not only that anatomy but how it functions and is dysfunctional can help us to navigate, heal, define and improve our awareness.
Many diseases associated with the brains ability to be self aware are becoming more and more evident today. Be it ADHD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, memory recall and so on.
On the otherside of that equation is having the ability to increase and/or focus that awareness to support our own goals. Which is analogous to the laws of attraction, prayer and devotion.
The anatomy and physiology associated with this is daunting to say the least. Hopefully in appreciating a limited understanding of this anatomy and recognizing certain physiology that either corrupts this anatomies function or enhances it can be useful in helping some of us be proactive in healing or helping ourself.
The brain is so complex that its helpful to realize our limitations in understanding it. So in that aspect of recognizing our inability to process its depths we can allow ourselves to realize that what ever we do know there is always much more we don’t know.
We are constantly inundated with information at any one moment. Our senses are recieving and interpreting incredible amounts of information with a discretion that allows us to filter it or diminish it in a way that in turn allows us to “understand” it. But at the same time we “understand” it, we are inherently not “understanding” an incredible amount of information.
So that filter of sorts that regulates our ability to have awareness or an understanding of what we currently are experiencing is made up of a tapestry of our past experiences, hereditary and childhood psychological development. Which in turn is making of our own unique filter we all possess that regulates our ability to be “aware”.
A major focus point of the “filter” we have in place to process information is called the Reticular Activating System. Science suggests that you can train your RAS by taking your subconscious thoughts and marrying them to your conscious thoughts. They call it “setting your intent.” This basically means that if you focus hard on your goals, your RAS will reveal the people, information and opportunities that help you achieve them.
. There is also a panoramic effect to the brain. Meaning just understanding one area of it can be helpful but recognizing that there is a overlap, so to say, in how different aspects of it have an effect on other aspects can be helpful in not allowing ourselves to be so focused on whatever understanding we have of it.
Although the RAS is based at the base of the brain and includes The Pons, Medulla Oblongata, parts of the Brain Stem and the Hypothalamus. It also has sort of a root or pervasive component to it that incorporates other areas of the brains anatomy.
So the ability to expand or focus our attention, which is analogous to the circumference of that internal filter we have, is recognizing some of the other areas of our cognitive functions that modulate our optimal decision making skills, which are directly related to how well we interpret reality.
The autonomic nervous system effects the brain by initiating the fight or flight syndrome along with a plethora of other functions. When the sympathetic nervous system is engaged it alters the brains ability to utilize the rational skills of the Neocortex and tunes into the more primal aspects of our reptilian brain. Which kind of explains why people often act out irrationally in emotional responses to traumatic or threatening circumstances. When the threat is over the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged which allows our more rational or optimal decision making skills to become apparent to us. If you look at how feelings of guilt, shame, remorse and regret arise in us you might be able to see how that fight or flight mechanism had “kicked in” and retarded our more functional thinking and after that stimuli has passed the “regret” we often feel is in direct relationship to our ability to engage the more optimal thinking processes of our brains anatomy.
A cornerstone to our ability to overcome those feelings of guilt, shame and regret are based on our ability to override that primal aspect of our behavior. Meaning, if we can consciously overcome the subconscious response to threat and fear, both percieved and real. We then can give our optimal decision making skills of our brains anatomy a chance to be facilitated.
An excellent example of this display of cognitive enhanced decision making is the character from the James Bond 007 movies. In the middle of incredible threats to himself or others he doesn’t let the sympathetic nervous system engage itself. Rather he intuitively responds to the situation with the most methodical advanced cognitive behavior.
So as bullets, flames and danger of all magnitudes surround the character he doesn’t let his emotional mind dictate his behavior. He stays calm, suppresses the autonomic nervous system, and utilizes the most opportune responses to the situation. Which implies he denies or mitigates the effects of the sympathetic nervous system and he allows the cerebral functions related to the parasympathetic nervous system to prevail.
A major breakthrough for many of us is just becoming aware of the physical and emotional manifestations of our conscious and subconscious behavior. Then, in that awareness, we can learn to challenge and over come our autonomic nervous system with a depth most people overlook or ignore.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” Carl Jung

Let’s know go a little deeper and explore some of the inner workings of our brain. Specifically the Reticular Activating System.
So as I point out a deeper appreciation of the RAS anatomy and the circumference, if you will, of anatomy and physiology that effects the RAS, realize I’m merely suggesting a correlation between scientific fact and my own research, experience and opinions.
The neural anatomy of the RAS is incredibly complex. I’m simply picking at the surface with what I’m about to discuss. It’s not that important to talk about the nomenclature of the specific neural anatomy of the RAS as it is essentially more important to appreciate how that anatomy communicates with in itself, as it’s often a breakdown of the RAS’s ability to communicate that creates many of the debilitating diseases people experience in life. At the same time, effectively enhancing the ability of the RAS to communicate can improve, expand or focus that anatomies capabilities. Much like using a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s energy. That in turn increases the sun’s energy exponentially. The same holds true in learning how to focus our awareness.
If we recognize the RAS “harddrive” or neurogenesis was established early in life. We then can see how the rich dad/poor dad scenario relates to our initial psychological development and over laps our experiences in adult life in many ways. This is symbolic of how the RAS of our parents reflects greatly on our own talents, attributes and shortcomings. That internal filter of information we all possess is programmed in a way to effect our life profoundly.
Attempting to reprogram the RAS ( neuroplasticity) then, in our adult life, so we are able to attract the “things” we want would suggest its important to appreciate how the RAS communicates or speaks to itself.
A basic understanding of neural activity is that a synapse exist, which is essentially a space between neurons. A neurotransmitter is neccessary to allow that energy to jump across that synapse. Which in turn allows information to be communicated within the brain.
Specific examples of those neurons and neurotransmitters are called adrenergic and cholinergic nerve fibers. The neurotransmitters associated with adrenergic nerve fibers are adrenalin, noradrenaline and dopamine. The neurotransmitters associated with chlorogenic nerve fibers are acetylcholine. Again realize neurotransmitters are chemicals that allow the electrical impulses in our nerves to jump across the synapses that separate them.
With this limited understanding of how nerve fibers communicate with one another in the RAS and extend through a neural sheath that encompasses the brain, it would suggest that the ability to enhance the availability of acetylcholine, dopamine, adrenalin and noradrenaline in the brain would facilitate the brains ability to improve, expand or focus it’s own communication skills. Which can be thought of as sculpting the RAS to our own design.
Often, it’s not till we encounter, what appear to be, catastrophic obstacles in our life that were able to surrender that old ego or mindset and attempt to embrace a new mindset. Or in essence reinvent ourselves. So whether your going through a heart breaking divorce, the loss of a loved one, facing a debilitating disease or injury, dealing with financial hardship, quarantined to somewhere you don’t want to be and so on. It’s often here we discover the ability to navigate inside us in ways to turn our so called problems into opportunity.
Let’s review a few internal aspects that help initiate a change to the RAS.
The brain/body connection has a chemical relationship to it along with an electrical field. In a previous article I spoke about how utilizing certain breathing techniques can create and intensify a piezoelectric field. That piezoelectric field is created by CSF fluid exerting pressure and flow over the crystals in the pineal gland. The piezoelectric field is influenced by our thinking. Our thinking has an effect on our electrical field. The emotions we have as we think directly influence the piezoelectric field. It creates a specific frequency and the combined frequency with the electrical field, according to science, has a direct effect on the RAS.
So if you think of positive affirmations, prayer, anxiety, fear and so on, the emotions we encounter in how we think effects our brains anatomy in ways that influence the reality we percieve.
At the same time we think with specific emotions our autonomic nervous system is releasing chemical compounds in relation to those emotions. So regardless of whether those emotions are based on physical reality or simply a mindset our imagination invents, our brain/body reacts to the emotion regardless if its real or perceived.
Something to realize in our daily activities is the excretion of specific chemicals, ie. dopamine, acetylcholine, adrenalin and noradrenaline are associated with the bodies response to achievement along with other factors. So be it doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, doing cardio on the treadmill, jogging, benching a certain weight or similar feats. All create a feeling of accomplishment which in turn facilitates the body to specifically release dopamine and acetylcholine. That is what gives that sense of satisfaction, inner peace and/or even tranquility we have inside us afterwards. So if we incorporate mindfulness of those things we wish to attract in our life while we are doing this or immediately afterwards, we are providing the elements neccessary for our RAS to focus our intent on what it is we wish to attract in our life.
Meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, staring at the sea while fishing or studying the terrain while hunting and similar activities all have an effect on moderating our brain waves or more specifically taking us out of the B wave and bring us down to a Delta or Theta wave. Which is essential in helping us augment our neural pathways or achieve a specific neuralplasticity.
Another way to supply the RAS with the necessary neurotransmitters is if we recite positive affirmations with an emotion of already having what we want or are praying with thanks for recieving what we pray for. Our brain will in turn release the same dopamine and acetylcholine that will propagate the nerves ability to communicate and mold themselves accordingly.
All of these processes play key roles in “tuning in” our RAS to specific goals. So the same way you can easily recall the smell of perfume from a lover in the past or hear someone’s voice you know in the midst of a crowd, is directly a response of the focus established in the past of our RAS.
The term synchronicity might be familiar to you. That processes has a strong correlation to our RAS as the more tuned in we are to certain goals the more our brain allows itself to become aware of information that supports those goals.
If we take the time to incorporate these techniques in a useful syllabus on a daily basis we can heal, focus or expand the capabilities of our RAS. This process usually does not happen instantly or quickly. Usually it’s a slow process of diligence, focus and persistence that allows us to alter how we think and behave. Which is analogous to, as within so without.

“If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.” John Allston.

We all have our own challenges and obstacles in life. A common thread of success for many is often about how people overcome or actually find a way to transmute those obstacles into opportunity. In that light then our good and bad aren’t what they seem and often it’s when were confronted with adversity that we somehow turn our perspective in life upside down.

“Wherever you are, that is the entry point.” Kabir 

Something to consider. Anytime time we incorporate a new routine in our life we go through a process before it becomes a habit. So in essence we need to consciously “struggle” with this new syllabus. After a short time though that conscious struggle soon becomes an unconscious behavior we often enjoy doing.
Knowledge by itself is pretty much useless. Applied knowledge, though, gives us the ability to transform. It’s up to us then to use knowledge in purposeful way to help ourself and the world we are a part of.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Ghandi


Life has an odd way of directing you. Sometimes it seems our focus or passion is self chosen. ie. I want to do or achieve this or that. Sometimes though we don’t choose our purpose or passion, rather life it seems, chooses it for us.
In that vision there really is no “good or bad” there just is what is and it’s up to us to make of it what we choose. So whether we decide to build a rocket to explore the sky, discover a new source of energy to save the world, develop a business we want to expand, cure a disease, treat an affliction of the mind or find a connection inside us to something more. A common thread to all of those endeavours is often coupling hard work with knowledge and research in what ever we decide to explore.
The key to coupling knowledge and research with hard work is the wisdom to recognize how to focus our hard work. Which in turn will maximize our return.
So whether were trying to build a muscle, improve a dysfunctional mind, challenge gravity or untap wealth in a global economy it’s often very important to appreciate the anatomy or infrastructure of our pursuit. Kind of like how in war it’s important to know your enemy.
Breathing in itself is quite vital to our existence but that process of achieving a certain oxygen saturation in our blood is very effective In ways not easily understood.
What if breathing in itself served more then the vital function of maintaining an adequate oxygen supply for our cells to keep us alive. What if breathing was an essential component to maintaining an electrical field about us that resonates with the world.
Appreciating in depth the knowledge of how that energy field is achieved would help us in turn to prioritize our “work” and effectively focus our resources.
The mind and body are not only interconnected in a physical manner via the spinal chord but they also have an intrinsic relationship through the autonomic nervous system, which is in essence an electrical relationship between the two. The stored energy fields in the body effect the mind and vice versa. So becoming aware of those energy stores and how they communicate with one another can be vital to helping us untap hidden resources inside us that can treat disease of the body and the mind, manifest our goals and find a relationship to the world without us to within us.
What’s often observed in both current medicine and holistic medicine is an internal dysfunctional flow of the bodies natural resources. Which is at the root of many of our diseases or issues.
Some of the basic anatomy that creates the “pump” so to say, that drives the energy inside our body extends from the base of the spine to the brain.
At the base of the spine is the coccyx and sacrum which are made up of both fused and semiarticulating joints. At the top of that spectrum is the cranium that encompasses the brain. The neurocranium is composed of the occipital, parietal, frontal and temporal bones which are fused together by synthetic joints connected to one another by seams called sutures.
There are different ways to stimulate the connection between the energy in the brain and the various energy systems in the body that extend through the spinal cord and spinal nerves to the base of the spine. This anatomy is interconnected both in an an electrical field and in a physical plane called the meninges which hold CSF (cerebral spinal fluid).
Realizing how energy flows and is accelerated in this system and directly influenced by our breathing can be tantamount to developing and improving on existing techniques and strategies that allow us to self heal in ways we often over look.
Brain and body scans detect these various energy fields in the brain and the body. What I’m about to convey is demonstrated or proved by these scans that identify specific electrical fields.
You might be thinking that this is all to heavy or “out there” to understand. But it’s not so much a matter of understanding anything as it is in seeing a relationship between things. The same way you do not need to understand the processes of convection in using a stove or a grill. You just simply appreciate the different relationships of how energy is utilized be it electricity, propane or charcoal.
Some of the anatomy and physiology that can help us improve upon existing modems many of us utilize through meditation, yoga, worship and so on is such.
The brain contains four ventricles that store and help regulate intrathecal pressure (the pressure CSF fluid creates). At the base of the third ventricle is the pineal gland. Inside the pineal gland are Crystal’s stacked upon one another. The CSF contains salt, proteins and liquid.
Normal respirations are controlled by the diaphragm both consciously or unconsciously. We can accentuate our respirations by incorporating the lower and upper muscles of our abdominal and thoracic cavities.
By consciously contracting our abdominal and thoracic muscles while breathing we in turn increase our intrathecal pressure. If we first initiate the lower abdominal muscles first and then the thoracic muscles we can not only increase the intrathecal pressure but we also can create a direction or flow to the CSF fluid.
So if we practice this type of breathing consciously we in turn create a flow for the CSF to pass through the energy fields of the body and then bring that energy into the brain. Which in turn causes the CSF to flow through the ventricles which in turn pass through the pineal gland and then in turn exert fluid pressure on the Crystal’s. This flow and pressure coupled with the existing salt and proteins being in contact with crystals are what’s necessary to create an electrical field.
At the same time our breathing is causing our Sacrum to contract and extend and also causes the suture lines in the cranium to expand and contract. Creating vacumn and a pressure. So in this visual you can appreciate a pump action that causes salts and proteins dissolved in a fluid to pass over crystals which in turn creates an electrical charge. In this diagram you can recognize the anatomy of a battery with the positive charge at the brain and the negative charge at the base of the spine. As we manually breath, we can consciously expand or increase this electrical field to encompass the entire body. Which can be very powerful in organizing systemic cell regeneration, repair, healing or growth. This implies that the same electrical field found in every atom of a cell contains an electrical field of neutrons, protons and electrons is effected by the electrical field we nourish in this breathing technique. This then allows for a transfer of electrical information. Which is proven by quantum physics in the realm of Quantum Entanglement.
Learning how to harness that electricity in a conscious manner is the root of many eastern religions.
It’s been discovered that if you look into the eyes of The Mona Lisa she appears to be smiling. If you gaze at her mouth; though, she seems to be frowning.
There are different anatomical structures in the eye that regulate visual acuity. Some of that same anatomy specific to the eyes is found in the pineal gland. This anatomy plays a part in the ability for our vision to navigate between light and dark.
The pineal gland produces both serotonin and melatonin in direct response to light and dark which in turn have a direct effect on our circadian cycle.
Different chemicals are produced in the pineal gland that can transform themselves much like a chameleon transforms its color to adapt to its environment. These chemical compounds mutate and create DMT which is one of the most hallucinogenic substances. If you think about the law of attraction and how important it is to appreciate the concept of visualizing what it is you wish to manifest then you can see a powerful axiom between the two. This same chemical compound is mutated in the pineal gland to form the chemical compounds that allow an animal to hibernate which is an extreme example of body self regulation. The same process or mutation of these chemical compounds is what allows a Caterpillar to transform into a butterfly. Which in many ways is analogous to create a metamorphosis of our design.
Seeing the incredible attributes of the pineal gland or Third Eye in this analogous can be insightful into appreciating many of the mystical attributes the Third Eye is given credit for in certain circles.
Again it’s not important to understand these processes in any substantial depth but simply focusing your intention on them as you practice whatever form of therapy you choose. This in turn can greatly accelerate your success.
Simply taking the first step is often all we need to do to discover the second and third step and so on in our path of self discovery.
Something to consider if you took the time to read this. I’m pretty much autodidact in what I write about. So any of the processes or explanations I state aren’t something I am claiming is true. What I’m talking about or stating is what science has proven. So don’t think I’m trying to convince you of anything. I’m simply orchestrating information in ways that give substance to many things people don’t appreciate in a concise or useful manner.
A takeaway from all this is that as you practice certain breathing techniques in Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and so on. Imagine as you breath deeply and forcefully contracting the lower breathing muscles in the body, CSF fluid rising from the base of the spine through the energy stores (Chakras), into the brain. Pause at the height of the exercise and feel the increased pressure in the brain and visualize the CSF expanding the intracranial ventricles as the suture lines of your cranium respond. See the Crystals inside your pineal gland resonate with the CSF fluid as it presses on them creating an electrical charge that causes those Crystal’s to pulse with activity creating an electrical field. As you exhale imagine the CSF fluid traveling downwards into the body, bringing with it that electrical energy field, manifested in the brain, to nourish and revitalize the body in every cell. As you consciously pump this battery to life, invision the electrica fieldl it produces not only transmitting energy throughout the body but expanding into the world around you. An antenna of sorts that receives and sends energy from within you to and from without you. In this light you can also appreciate how incorporating mindful thoughts of what we desire can in turn effect the frequency of the electrical field we are focusing on. This in turn can give us insightful purpose to how our thinking can manifest our reality.

“Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own.” Bruce Lee


I try to make sense of things but sometimes that whole idea of things making sense kind of goes out the window
I use to work at a level two trauma center on the west coast of florida. It was around 2010 and in the span of one year I encountered the most egregious cases of blatant malpractice I ever witnessed in my almost 30 years of assisting in surgery.
To make it short the last and final straw, so to say, was a patient came in for an emergency AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm). I was working with a highly skilled vascular surgeon. I was assisting him during the surgery.
Everything was going smoothly. In fact it was going exceptionally well. We were on the final anastomosis about 90 minutes into the case and the patient suddenly went into cardiac arrest. The surgeon quickly divided the sternum and I began Open Heart Massage as he broke scrub and went to assist the anesthesiologist as he intuitively knew the problem was an anesthetic one.
As I did chest compressions the rest of the surgical staff initiated ACLS. It quickly became apparent that the subclavian art line that the anesthesiologist was using to administer medication had blown and the patient had a large hematoma above the arterial line.
That was something the anesthesiologist should have known much earlier as the medications he was giving intraoperatively were pretty much non existent in the patients blood stream. Which also would indicate that the patient wasn’t under effective anesthesia during the procedure and not only felt the operation but experienced her own death first hand.
Well as I’m holding this ladies heart in my hands pumping the blood for her, the surgeon yells out, at the anesthesiologist and says “you killed my f$^#÷ing patient”. He said that same thing two more times before we eventually called the code.
As I’m standing there scrubbed in, I’m flashing back to two previous cases of gross malpractice I had reported to the administration earlier and they clearly let me know they didn’t want me doing that. I’m not the type of guy who has an authoritarian type of behavior and reporting everything but I felt such an overwhelming responsibility to the patient and there families that I felt obligated to do it. Even though the surgeons I considered friends and liked them a lot. It was such an internal torturous process as many people thought of me like a Benedict Arnold and I felt so uncomfortable at work afterwards imagining what my colleagues might think of me as they didn’t know the internal processes I was experiencing.
The hospital never notified the next of kin or families and told them that it was hospital negligence that was the cause of death. The families simply thought that there loved ones died from natural causes.
Well as I put the ladies heart down in her chest cavity the circulating nurse asks the Surgeon if she needs to fill out any “medical legal paperwork”. Well that’s a question that should never be asked as it’s part of any health care workers obligation to protect the patient. Which in turn means reporting malpractice. The surgeon knows he will get sued, though along with the anesthesiologist if he reports it. So he said no to the nurse.
I can remember what I’m about to say like it happened yesterday. As I’m standing there covered in blood looking inside this dead ladies body I said to myself “I’m not going through this Hell again”. Meaning I’m not going to go through that experience the hospital put me through two times before in reporting blatant gross malpractice.
A part of me died with that lady that day. It’s hard to explain that emotional evisceration to anyone as most people thought I was just trying to play the victim or some self servicing desire.
You know, if you are ever really called upon in life to do what’s noble be prepared to have to do that without getting any recognition for it or even being portayed as the villain in the situation.
To me, it wasn’t about punishing anybody or any gain for me. It was explicitly about notifying the families and being responsible like any reputable hospital would feel obligated to do. I actually wrote the CEO of the hospital a letter and said that I wanted to find some resolution to the matter. I never heard from him but instead the hospitals lawyer and the hospitals Human Relations department did everything in there power to exploit every defect of character I have to make me look bad.

“And I think that God has a sick sense of humor” Depeche Mode

New Brain

Taking advice isn’t something most of us do easily. We more often then not have a specific modus operandi we engage everything we do, in. It’s usually not till our twenties that the basement, if you will, of our behaviors is cemented in place that creates the foundation of our Psyche. That, in turn, is the juxtapose we encounter in our ability to take advice.
More often then not someone’s unsolicited advice insults us, if it conflicts with our percieved identity and rather then humbling ourselves and take that advice we tend to push it away in the form of arrogance or “being right”. Its often quite embarrassing and humbling to see past those paradigms we have inside us that are in essence, us being our own worst problem. A lot of times we have to pay somebody to tell us what to do (therapist trainer, instructor…) before we will constructively take advice.
In that vision of inner reflection we can see how our friends often placate our self destructive arrogant behavior and more often then not it’s the person we don’t like that is telling us what we really need to pay attention too.
There are many ways to get out of that subjective reality that often creates the cage that holds us prisoner. We may not be able to completely replace that foundation of our thinking inside us. However if we do choose to reinvent ourselves we need to recognize that bedrock we are built upon. If we ignore that part of our inner most self, whatever we build on top of it will create a disconnect inside us that haunts us.

“And Castles made of sand crumble into the sea eventually” Jimi Hendrix

In that vision of our consciousness it seems we need to get under the foundation of our psyche in order to effectively mold it into a more adaptive resource of our thinking.
Among other things, the brain has a two fold manner of adapting itself to survival in humans. The reptilian brain which is responsible for our more primal survival needs and a greater consciousness, if you will that serves our more optimal decision making skills (Neurocortex).
If you think of those two aspects of mind, then the bond between the foundation of our core thinking skills or the Reptilian brains survival mechanisms that our autonomic nervous system utilizes and the Limbic system and the Neocortex which is the epicenter of more advanced thinking, is between the base of our brain and the limbic system. A physical conduit that feeds the two realms of our psychological reality and the primal aspects of anatomy that serve our survival skill set.
Attempting to appreciate the significance of that fertile ground inside our Psyche in the concept of neuroplasticity is extremely challenging. Learning to appreciate those two aspects of our minds evolution and utilize that knowledge in becoming aware of how our reptilian brain engages itself and the place before our consciousness, is a hallmark in a personal evolution
The real “work” of attempting to recreate that aspect of “I” is to not only to become aware of that fight or flight mode when its activated but develop the skills inside us to place the intentions of the desired cognitive skills we wish to intuitively utilize in that space. Which is analogous to planting the seeds that will grow and restructure the core of our innermost psyche.

“And I’m trying real hard” Samuel Jackson, Pulp Fiction

Sometimes its through a lot of emotional pain and soul searching in the midst of our “failures” that allow us to access that place inside us that will grow a more confident and adaptable personality instead of the dysfunctional persona we inherited from our childhood.
If you look for it you can see a strong overlap in religion that, in the right context, can help utilize that place of vulnerability inside ourself were we feel the most defeated, vulnerable and dejected, to grow and recreate ourselves. Sort of like the idea that “our suffering will set us free”.
It’s not difficult to see how meditation can bring us to that foundation of our Psyche and help us to treat the wounds deep in our consciousness we often ignore. That same place can be described by self help experts as the field of pure potentiality or that place were we look to manifest the law of attraction from.
It’s a discomforting paradox, though, to realize at some of our most frustrating and difficult moments, is the opportunity to transform ourself in purposeful fashion. What is sometimes even more disconcerting is the knowledge or awareness of this ambiguous state of mind is not enough to challenge it or overcome it. There are hormones and chemicals that inspire feelings of motivation, success, failure, persistence, despair… that we need to many times over ride there inherent or initial impulses that influence our behavior in order to change our behavior..
So even if you can somewhat appreciate this blueprint of primal and cognitive behavior, that awareness only let’s you recognize the “starting line” so to say.
It’s sort of analogous to having a diet plan and understanding the physical and psychological components of it that you’ll face in undertaking it. That alone will not allow you to lose weight or get in shape. You have to undertake the “hard work” of applying that information into your life in order to reap the rewards, so to say.
One small but empowering way to apply that information in an applicable manner would be to look at who inspires, motivates or fascinates us. If we see that relationship in large and small ways we can recognize what behaviors in ourself we maybe ignoring or reinforcing.
Energy is synonymous with that ambiguous word “God”. It’s necessary to understand energy as it is more important to appreciate it. In being aware of the energy in others and how they utilize that energy in there daily lives in psychological format can both help us to become aware of our energy in a objective manner. Again that growing objective awareness of ourself is often difficult to appreciate so we need to be willing to see it in order to mold or change it
If we look at those who hold high places in a vision of who we look up too and observe how they deal with conflict, benevolence, acceptance, defeat, admiration and so on we are sort of looking in the mirror of our innermost nature. That may not be comforting though if we see a disconnect in that paradigm of how we tend to rationalize our behavior and accept aspect what we most often need to change. Which many times is the part of our ego we often need to replace or repair. So allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in a self assessment of ourself is a major stepping stone in redefining ourself.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference" The Serenity Prayer

By surrounding ourself both figuratively and intellectually with the mindset we wish to become we both consciously and subconsciously allow for a transformation to take place both inside us in how we think and outside us in how we behave. Most often that process is a slow event. A diffusion if you will of that energy we expose ourself too that slowly over a period of time infiltrates our energy and helps us to either consciously or subconsciously transform our own energy.
That energy we admire in life effects our own energy. So however we look at that relationship inside us and outside can help us appreciate a deeper essence to things we may have overlooked. That in turn can help us to accept the advice, however it comes to us, that we need in order to be who we want to be.

Quantum Entanglement

Attempting to create a transformation of the most fundamental aspect of our self is something most often embraced in the face of failure. The idea that “I” wants to change “I” is almost impossible to encapsulate in thought. So not attempting to see that process in an overwhelming awareness can often help us to take the first step instead of ignore it all together.
There are many ways or “steps” to take in that journey. To paraphrase Nicolas Tesla, it’s not till humanity begins to think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration that monumental advancements will be accomplished or accelerated.
What I’m eventually leading up to is harnessing a useful appreciation of Quantum Physics. At its base QP is the foundation of almost all of our practical techniques or “steps” we take in achieving a personal transformation from an antiquated version of ouself to a hybrid personal evolution to become who we want to be. That can seem somewhat intangible or esoteric but what I hopefully will show is a common denominator for personal growth in what ever form we choose.
One of Ellon Musks priorities now is increasing the momentum of innovation in Space X. Those three variables of Tesla postulate are likely to be essential in the conquest of space. Seeing the Ying and Yang of that parable outside us in space exploration and inside our own reality might help us to create the change we look to achieve, inside us, in our life time.
It’s common knowledge that persistant practice in religions, psychology, 12 step programs, behavioral modification technologies and so on all offer us steps to take in that intangible concept of challenging or changing the construct of our ego.
What I’m about to talk about is an appreciation of both Physics and Quantum Physics. That may sound over whelming or difficult but it’s not important to understand the two scientific concepts but rather see what they point at.
Trying to talk about concepts like this without getting lost in needless information requires a simplification of topics. So with that said, what I speak about is not the sum explanation of anything but hopefully a useful way to apply certain ingredients of different topics into a fruitful recipe of personal transformation.
A very simple way of appreciating the mechanics of the brain is to divide it into three categories. The Cerebral Cortex, Limbic System or Midbrain and the base of the brain which includes the Pons, Medulla and the Brain Stem. Again it’s not important to understand the anatomy of the brain but rather see how it communicates within itself and in doing so you can see the effectiveness or importance of incorporating certain techniques or steps to create a change from within (neuroplasticity).
Consciousness or thought is appreciated in science as manifesting energy. As our intent of thought creates a frequency so to does the emotion we engage, as we think our intent in, create a unique vibration. So we may go to church and study the Bible and develop compassionate intent coupled with a loving emotion of vibration only to watch the News later and experience Negative intent coupled with angry emotions that counteract that harmonious energy we previously embraced in our religion. That duality paradigm repeats itself in many ways if we observe our unconscious dialogue in relation to our conscious dialogue.
Recognizing the energy our thought manifests in how our brain communicates inside us is empowering. Our Cortex is given credit for much of Conscious dialogue. Our Limbic System is credited for creating most of our unconscious thought, the base of our brains intelligence is often described by most or all Physicians and Scientists as God like as its depth, is beyond our comprehension.
Carl Jung talks about our Psyche being divided into conscious, subconscious and a greater consciousness. A template of that three fold diagram of consciousness in that Psychological format could easily outline the anatomical division of our brains anatomy. Conscious=Cortex, Subconscious=Limbic System and Greater Conscious=base of the brain. It might sound like blasphemy to some but you could also think of that template in a religious paradigm of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.
If we look at how that intelligence of the base of our brain communicates with the rest of our body and the world around it in the form of Energy, Vibration and frequency we can begin to see a correlation between those three energy systems in our body.
Thespians coined a word to describe a state of consciousness where everything seems to flow through them. It’s been described as being a vector that allows for a communication of immense intelligence to travel through them and in that place they create the art of a song, a painting, a novel, and so on. The artistic term Evenflow coins what that process describes. A passive transmission of energy in a mutual frequency and vibration of the three outlined areas of the brains anatomy.
Science has proven that the intelligence that manifests creation or life as we know it operates on a specific frequency or hertz. The base of the brain parallels that frequency and in turn regulates a homeostasis between the inside of us that adapts to the outside of us. Which is tangential to the different automatic responses our body self regulates itself with, in terms of heart rate, oxygenation (breathing), perspiration, shivering….. In that understanding you can envision how the vibrational frequency of the world around us communicates to the base of our brain. If you think of the Spinal Cord and the peripheral nervous system as an antenna along with its many other functions you can recognize a format that the brain uses to receive and transmit information to and from within us and outside our body. You might see how in the ability of the base of the brain to transmit information in the form of frequency and vibration through the midbrain and into the consciousness of the frontal might exemplify the underlying process of things like intuition.
A specific frequency is manifested in our midbrain and reacts to certain stimuli in terms of stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and so on. That information is what, among other things, regulates our autonomic nervous system. Those unique mindsets are embedded in our midbrain in our childhood. Which is often described as the root of our adult behavior. That blueprint is responsible for the energy, vibration and frequency we often encounter in our adult life that creates an inner conflict between our conscious intent and our unconscious desires. Or that inner conflict we often recognize between the disparity between our conscious intent and our unconscious desires.
One of the qualities of the cortex of our brain is the ability to manifest conscious thought or an ability to contour energy in thought with a specific vibration and frequency.
Seeing that relationship between the different aspects of mind and its correlation between the reality we experience can be an important key in revolutionizing our own personal development.
With that insight into how our brain functions we can see how our energy fields inside our brain, being misaligned, can create havoc in our life.
Psychology uses different techniques to align the energy fields of the midbrain and cortex by initially making the unconscious conscious. The next process is attempting to consciously direct a therapeutic thought process (energy, vibration and frequency) toward the unconscious energy field of the Midbrain and in doing so allow for a repair of the dysfunctional energy field of specific areas of our Limbic System with a functional energy field. Repetition is an essential component of that process of repairing that initial blueprint from our childhood which can be called neuroplasticity.
In the same format religion creates the same algorithm. By creating a conscious energy field through a sermon, prayer, religious doctrine or so on while doing this in a ritualistic fashion, this inspired redundancy manifests the transformation of an unconscious change or neuroplasticity. Or you can think of that as being born again, resurrected or being a child of what ever God you worship.
If you look for that same blue print in a 12 step meeting, group therapy and so on you can appreciate the same algorithm in different formats.
Newtonian Physics vs Quantum Physics is primarily differentiated by size. Physics appreciates a relationship between matter in a physical state that is larger then the atom and Quantum Physics is based upon a subatomic (smaller then the atom) appreciation of matter. Initially Quantum physics was thought to challenge The Newtonian understanding of Physics and people like Einstein labeled it “Spooky Physics”. The idea of Quantum Entanglement threatened the mathematical formulas that appreciated a relevance between time and space. Einstein along with other Physicists at the time attempted to prove QP wrong (EPR paradox). That formula was eventually proven inaccurate and many concepts of QP are what are creating the incredible advancements in technology today.
Basically Quantum Entanglement hypothesized that regardless of the spatial separation between to different forms of matter, if a subatomic change was created in one then the same would happen in the other almost instantly. This violated the law of FTL (faster then light). Which basically states that information cannot be transferred faster then the speed of light.
One of the challenges in appreciating Quantum Physics is that it exceeds the intelligence of our own brains ability to encapsulate it in thought. So articulating what different experiments or hypothesis prove is somewhat challenging.
At the essence of QP is the foundation of The Law Of Attraction. Essentially what we focus our thoughts on with redundancy creates a two fold reality. The one we think inside our mind and the one we manifest in the world we experience.
If we oversimplify physics and quantum physics we could think of two men standing side by side. One being a atomic physical body of organs, bones, vessels, and other tissues encapsulated with skin.
The other being a subatomic body of different energy fields. A mass of electrical fields vibrating at a frequency and vibration specific to each organs, bone, tendon and so on. That awareness of energy coupled with a brain that creates it’s own specific energy in how it thinks is what opens a pandora box of sorts.
If you can appreciate the difference between physical matter and the subatomic identity of a cell having a its origin in a electrical identity of a proton, neutron and electrons then there is not much room to dispute the relevance of quantum physics.
What quantum entanglement suggests and has proven is that an alteration in a specific energy field has a direct correlation to the surrounding energy fields. This transfer of an energy formula (change) happens FTL which violates Newtonian principles but at the same validates God like transformations. If you think in terms of the healing aspects of prayer (focused thought/energy) or The Law of Attraction you see an overlay of quantum physics. The same holds true for mediation and the principles of many religious deities who could heal others by compassionately directing their energy field of thought to another and in that appreciation of Quantum Entanglement a “healing’ or an instantaneous (FTL) change in someone else energy field is manifested
Thus as the brain “thinks” the resulting energy field not only influences the surrounding energy fields within the body but also outside the body.
In this awareness a rabbit hole is created that is difficult to navigate. However seeing that what consciousness or what you think, effects not only yourself but the world around you creates an ability to appreciate the idea that we are one with everything and everything is a part of us. The same way a wave is part of the ocean and the ocean is in the wave. A father and a son. Non duality (one) to Non Duality (2 or more then one).
So as we focus both our conscious and unconscious dialogue, we are in turn manifesting a reality both inside and outside ourself.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Clarkes Third Law

Throughout our existence there has always been a clash between the advancement of our awareness through science and other realms with standard appreciation of reality. So whether it was Galileo attempting to prove the world is round or Henry Ford challenging the strength of a horse or a mule to the energy of a combustible engine, the same resistance of change holds true then as it does now.

“If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into thee”
Friedrich Nietzsche